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Attending as a Guest

If you represent a business category not already occupied by one of our members (see our current members page), you are very welcome to join us as a guest for up to three network meetings.  Please book in on a date suitable for you (check the Events Calendar page for dates), then book your place directly on the Eventbrite page.
Any queries, please do contact either James Mann, Chairman, or Jon Amery, Vice Chairman.

The cost to attend as a Guest to a Forest Entrepreneurs Meeting is £20.00 is payable on arrival to The Chairman, James Mann.
Any further visits will also cost £20.00 per meeting.

Please see the Rules page for more details.

When you attend, please remember to bring lots of business cards and be prepared to tell us about your business in your ‘one minute introduction’.  We will circulate your business cards to all those present.

If you decide to join us:
As a Member of the Forest Entrepreneurs Networking Group, the monthly cost is £33 payable by monthly standing order – this includes two network meetings per month with a two course dinner and coffee.

You will also secure the your business category so no other business will be able to attend within the allocated business category.  Also, your details will also be added onto our members page of the website.

If you wish to attend as a Guest, the cost will continue to be £20 per meeting for each meeting you attend.  You will not be able to secure the category unless you join.  Therefore, if another business attends within your same category you will have to decide if you would like join or not.

Occasionally we will have additional ‘members only’ meetings, so please watch out on the website for these..

Joining Forest Entrepreneurs means signing up to our Membership Rules, and is about:

  • We are a 1 member per category group. Because of this, we insist on members attending at least 80% of the meetings.
    So, if you cannot attend a meeting please do send someone in your place (if they are in business and their category isn’t already taken they can publicise their own business at the same time as presenting yours by reading out your 1 minute).
    Alternatively, please send your 1 minute to one of the Committee Members who will read this out on your behalf.
  • Networking at Forest Entrepreneurs is about how we as a group can provide a structured and supportive business environment for our members and guests to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with each other;
  • The primary purpose of the group is to extend each members network of contacts in order to generate a regular flow of reliable business on behalf of the individual members of the group;
  • Being proactive in helping, supporting and recommending fellow members to your own circle of contacts.

We look forward to hearing from you.