Meeting dates

If you’d like to attend as a Guest, please book your place with the Chairman, James Mann – OR using the Eventbrite bookings system:

The cost of attending as a Guest is £20.00 and is payable on arrival, before the meeting commences. Further visits will also cost £20.00 per meeting and will be payable on the evening.

If you would like to join the Group after your first visit, or wait until after the third, either way please contact us. Please see the Rules page for more further details.

The Calendar, below lists all forthcoming Meeting dates as well as the Open Events as well and are bookable directly on Eventbrite

PLEASE NOTE that you check the Membership Page as if the profession you cover is already represented, then you will not be able to attend.

Where there is a Bank Holiday, we will do our best to accommodate to another Monday, however sometimes it maybe outside of our remit and may have to change to another evening or even a breakfast meeting.

If you would like to apply to join, please see the Membership page for more details, or email Jon Amery for an Application form. We suggest you attend 2 or 3 meetings, however if you’d like to apply to join us straight away, please advise.

Upcoming Events