Open Events

Open Events 2018-19

Our Open Events are noted below, and are also located on our Calendar of Events

Monday 17th September 2018
Monday 5th November 2018
Monday 18th February 2019
Monday 15th April 2019
Monday 1st July 2019
Monday 7th October 2019

Please ensure you check our Membership page first of all to ensure you don’t clash with another Member & their Business, as we are a 1 profession per category Group. 
If any queries, or would like to book in please contact James Mann to confirm your attendance.

All events are held at the Stanwell House Hotel and a reminder will be issued to members prior to the date.

Please note that after your initial meeting, the cost to attend the meetings are £20.00 per person per meeting.
Any Guests who have attended an Open Event before and wish to attend again will need to pay a fee of £20.00.  If you require clarification on this, please do contact any of the following people to check:

James Mann – Chairman/ Treasurer;
Jane Porter – Vice-Chairman/ Secretary;
Gill Hepburn – Membership Officer;
Deborah Vaughan – Hospitality Officer;
Jon Amery – General Committee Member;
Richard Mack– General Committee Member.

Please ensure you invite guests well ahead of the scheduled events to ensure that their diaries are not already booked up.

If you’re new to the area and don’t know any members to ask to invite you, and would like to join us for what should be an interesting, informative and fun evening, please do get in touch via the contact form.